Lincoln Townley is a leading British artist who is vastly becoming recognised worldwide. Known for his persistence in the face of uncertainty is what defines Lincoln Townley. Repeatedly rejected by the more conservative art establishments, Townley has been forced to create his own art market and to the surprise of those who stood in his way, he is achieving this. From ex-manager of a London strip-club to featuring in The Royal Academy on multiple occasions the is self-taught Artist who only started in 2012 works explores the darker side of the human personality, and many art consultants believe this is only the start to his exponential success. Townley’s work has been exhibited in some of the most renowned exhibitions and galleries in the world, achieving ample media attention he has attracted a following consisting of some of the most wealthy and famous people of our generation including British Tresure and Art collector Sir Michael Caine who said, “Lincoln Townley is the next Andy Warhol”.