Massimo Agostinelli (MASS-EMO AGOST-INELLY is an Italian American artist. His style is unique and bold he uses text, imagery and word play through art intervention. He focusses on innovative technology using a variety of mediums and techniques including typography and print making. Since emerging into the art scene in 2014 his work has been in high demand from investors, collectors, and celebrities with Elon Musk rumoured to be a collector and huge fan of his works. His work often includes a range of cultural references intelligently crossing between topics within celebrity culture and politics collaborated with biblical parabolas and Greek mythology. Each of his pieces involves a huge amount of thought, time, and financial expense to create, they are cultural snapshots, coloured and overlaid with a unique phrase which unlocks a hidden message/meaning. Agostinelli’s (AGOST-INELLY) works have been featured in many private and public collections across the world and will without any doubt go down in Art history of one of the greatest of this generation.