Alec Monopoly – ALI #2


  • Artist: Alec Monopoly
  • Title: ALI #2
  • Edition: Of 150
  • Size: 103 x 71.5cm
  • Material: Giclee on heavy watercolour paper
  • Framing: Framed

In collaboration with the Muhammad Ali estate


About Alec Monopoly

Alec Andon, or otherwise known as Alec Monopoly in the art world, is a street artist originally from New York City. His claim to fame is the use of the Parker Brothers Monopoly character “Mr. Monopoly” from the Hasbro brand board game. The artist has also worked in the urban environments of Miami, Los Angeles, Europe, Mexico and throughout Asia using varied mediums (including stencils, spray paint, epoxies, varnishes, and newspapers) to depict various iconic pop culture characters.

He also is a brand ambassador with Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer and created a mural live, on red carpet for the 2013 film, Justin Bieber’s Believe. Monopoly’s work has been purchased by Philipp Plein, Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, Snoop Dogg, Seth Rogen, Adrien Brody and Iggy Azalea. What is most fascinating about Alecs work is the fact that whilst his work appears to the untrained eye perhaps humorous and meaningless with his use of commercial characters and styles in-fact the works give a detailed observation on modern day societies capitalist values and some of his works is intended as a criticism of the billion-dollar bailouts and deregulation associated with major banks.

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