Schoony – Bruiser Half Scale Model (Purple Edition)


  • Artist: Schoony
  • Title: Bruiser Half Scale Model (Purple Edition) 2019
  • Edition: Of 1
  • Size: 25 x 65cm
  • Material: Fibreglass life-cast
  • Framing: Unframed

About Schoony

Schoony is a British Sculptor who exploded onto the London art scene in 2008, debuting at Mutate Britain’s ‘One Foot in the Grove’. His fine art sculptures are often figural using life-casting techniques in a range of different materials. He is considered a pioneering artist in the contemporary art market using new and up to date technology whilst paying homage to the more traditional methods in his art pieces. Like all of the Artists we love, Schoony continually pushes boundaries within this discipline which obviously pays a part in the fact that he has a huge fan base consisting of several famous collectors such as Brad Pitt, Rita Ora and Benedict Cumberbatch. His ability to create reality in his sculptures down to the smallest detail appeals to his global roster of clients.