Stik – Big Issue Poster (Red)


  • Artist: Stik
  • Title: Big Issue Poster Red 2013 (unsigned)
  • Edition: Unknown
  • Size: 57 x 20cm
  • Material: Screenprint on paper
  • Framing: Framed

About Stik

Stik is an Artist whom I have followed since 2010 when after an attempted attack on a Swedish cartoonist who depicted the Prophet Mohammad as a dog he painted A Couple Hold Hands in the Street, which shows a woman in a niqab holding hands with a second stick figure. His work can be seen largely in the streets of East London (a stones throw from the Me Art HQ) and apparently he spends a lot of time maintaining his works in Shoreditch and beyond. The British street artist, like a lot of street artists, is anonymous but his iconic depictions of unassuming stick figures scrawled upon water towers, brick walls, and gated doors around the globe is infamous – his work is meant to convey feelings of insecurity in an urban setting often drawing from his own experience of homelessness as a young man.

“A lot of my work is loaded with a kind of melancholy,” – Stik

His work is rare and over the last 5 years has increased dramatically in value with even unsigned prints fetching thousands of pounds.

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