Stuart McAlpine Miller – Maddie In The Middle


  • Artist: Stuart McAlpine Miller
  • Artwork: Maddie In The Middle 2016
  • Edition: Original
  • Size: 81 x 91cm
  • Material: Oil on canvas
  • Framing: Framed

About Stuart McApline Miller

A Scottish artist Stuart regularly who often hits the headlines with his Pop Art paintings. Fusing cartoons with themes of idealism and consumerism, his multi-layered artworks blend the past with the present through layers of figurative imagery, text, and symbols.

Stuart’s spectral style has been described as ‘supernatural realism’ by the BBC and Radio 2 art critic Estelle Lovatt, who also praised its 4D aesthetic, adding that he has ‘one of the most creative minds in art today’. Using subtle tones of paint, he creates the illusion of transparency. The overall effect is like looking through a glass bottle, distorting the image and presenting a different version of the same subject. In turn, a far-fetched reality is created, highlighting the unrealistic expectations of today’s society.